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Recommended Appropriations

Programs Supporting All Three High Priority Areas:  $4.0 million

Introductory Note: a) The first line of defense against mental health problems is a robust package of human services.  b) The services noted in this section are supplied by unarmed providers.  And furthermore, adequate provision of these services would reduce the likelihood of the need for armed responses caused by unrelieved stress that drives people past their breaking point.


A.  Support Services for Residents of Supportive and Affordable Housing:  $2.0 million


Many people require supportive services to enable them to live in stable, safe secure housing.  These include, for example, people with a disability, elderly people with a disability that does not require institutionalization, and people living with a mental health condition.


B.  Coordinated Funding Support:  $2.0 million


This funding supports nonprofits that provide important human services to the community.  These services are especially important in reducing the negative impacts of the pandemic.  The reduction in stress among vulnerable people i) improves their quality of life regardless of their mental health condition, ii) enables some people to evade serious mental illness who would otherwise be overwhelmed, and iii) helps people living with serious mental health conditions to avoid serous declines.


This funding would be an addition to the appropriation from the General Fund.  If City officials maintain fiscal effort, as they should, the annual appropriation from the General Fund will be $1.33 million.  The sum of the annual support for Consolidated Funding would be $0.5 million (2.0/4) plus $1.33 million for a total of $1.83 million per year.

Click here to go to Programs Supporting Unarmed Crisis Response:  $2.0 million

Click here to go to Programs Serving Households With A Member Living With A Mental Health Condition:  $4.0 million

Click here  to go to Programs Serving Children and Youth:  $5.0 million

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