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Positions of City Council Members and Candidates

The positions of the City Council members on the disputed portion (see note 9) of the uses of the Millage revenues within their control are shown below.  The positions of candidates will be added when this information becomes available.

Contact information for the Mayor and City Council members is available at  The contact information for candidates is shown in the notes associated with their names.


  1. Voted for Budget Amendment #5 facilitating a community conversation. (detailed information on #5)

  2. Opposed the Intent Resolution of July 3, 2017, that led to the funding for climate change actions. (context for the resolution)

  3. Opposed Budget Amendment #5 that would have facilitated a community conversation. (detailed information on #5)

  4. Voted for the Intent Resolution of July 3, 2017, affirming support for climate change actions. (context for the resolution)

  5. Would have opposed the Intent Resolution of July 3, 2017, if she had been on Council at that time.

  6. Supported a community conversation in late 2018 and early 2019 to search for a broadly accepted resolution.

  7. Click here for information on the budget amendment.

  8. Click here and scroll to April 1, 2019, and April 5, 2019, for information on the resolution and the Mayor's veto.

  9. The conflict centers on 40% of the Millage revenues which are forecast to total about $1 million per year over the eight-year length of the Millage.  As of mid-2019 the Council appropriated the remaining revenue to affordable housing (40%) and bicycle and pedestrian safety (20%).  These two uses have generated little controversy to-date.

  10. Contact information here.

  11. Contact information here.

  12. Contact information here.

  13. Contact information here.

  14. Contact information here.

  15. Contact information here.

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