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Publicly Supported Telephone Numbers for People In Crisis, In a

Stressful condition, or In Need of Serious But Less Urgent Help


When faced with an emergency or highly stressful situation, every resident of Washtenaw County, regardless of citizenship, should have a person or agency to call who is believed to be credible and trustworthy.  A reputation for credibility and trustworthiness is for the most part earned rather than conferred.  In some cases someone who has such a reputation can confer it to someone else with an endorsement.


The effort to attain this objective should take into account the initial conditions.  When people are highly suspicious of any public employee and any governmental agency, the best way to meet the objective is likely to build and strengthen private and nonprofit networks.  These networks include, but are not limited to, religious organizations, familial and village connections in the case of immigrants, neighborhood centers such as Peace Neighborhood Center, neighborhood schools, medical clinics, NAMI-WC, and nonprofit service agencies such as SOS and Ozone House.


Our emphasis in Citizens for Mental Health & Public Safety (CMHPS) is the improvement of emergency response by the public sector.  But we are not blind to the fact that publicly created emergency response numbers must, like any other institution, earn a reputation for credibility and trustworthiness to be effective.  Because our concern is for the well-being of people, we welcome  improved non-public sources of emergency help.  We want people to choose public emergency response numbers because people believe these numbers are the best option — not because they are the only option.

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