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Publicly Supported Telephone Numbers for People In Crisis, In a

Stressful Condition, or In Need of Serious But Less Urgent Help

Response Numbers Not Managed by the Public Sector and Especially Those of Nonprofits

There are many help lines that are not managed by the public sector and that are providing important services.  For example, see the lists displayed by

As noted in the introduction to this discussion of crisis response and other help telephone numbers, the nonprofits who are providing excellent services are partners rather than competitors.  We should be working with them to establish two-way linkages so callers are easily referred to the most appropriate help.  And we should be advocating for appropriate funding for them — as we do, for example, generous allocations from American Rescue Plan Act (ARPA) funds and County Millage revenues.  The human services delivered by nonprofits lessens the number of people needing crisis and emergency services.  In addition, the services they deliver are an important option as move to a greater use of unarmed response programs for people in crisis or in considerable stress.

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