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Frequently Asked Questions

No. CMHPS publicizes the position of candidates on the use of funds generated by the Mental Health and Public

Safety Millage and urges voters to consider this information as they decide whom to vote for. We recognize most voters consider more than one issue as they make their decisions.


Members of CMHPS acting as individuals and not as representatives of CMHPS may endorse candidates.

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Does CMHPS endorse candidates?
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Some Council members interpret support for the Intent Resolution of July 2017 and thus support for climate

change actions (read about the evolution of the controversy for context) as a promise. They imply that no amount of logical evidence and of public sentiment would affect their position because it is determined by personal ethics.


Members of CMHPS want a discussion of how the Millage funds should be used that reflects the desires of citizens and includes evidence on the benefits to Ann Arbor residents.

How does the discussion of promises fit in?

No. We strongly support using the revenues from the Mental Health and Public Safety Millage for mental health and public safety services.  Polling shows this is what voters expected and what voters desire.


CMHPS takes no position on funding for sustainability programs from the City's general fund.

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Is CMHPS opposed to funding sustainability programs by City Council members?
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