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About Us

Citizens for Mental Health and Public Safety (CMHPS) is an advocacy group focused on improving services for those living with a mental health condition in Ann Arbor and, to a lesser extent, in Washtenaw County outside of Ann Arbor.  Mark Creekmore, Barbara Higman, Glenn Nelson, and Marilyn Wedenoja form the leadership team. Our purpose is to 1) urge the Ann Arbor City Council to use its revenues from the 2017 Mental Health and Public Safety Millage to improve mental health services, 2) study polling data and present the findings to show the citizens of Ann Arbor are in accord with this goal, 3) develop options for allocating these revenues to the most pressing mental health services, and 4) support other policies, such as the increased use of unarmed crisis response teams, that benefit those living with a mental health condition.

CMHPS differs from many other advocacy groups in its sole reliance on volunteers. We do not seek donations nor do we have the structure to handle them if offered.  CMHPS is registered with the Washtenaw County Elections Office as an independent Political Action Committee (PAC), thus satisfying the requirements for the financial "reporting waiver."

Contact Us

For questions, suggestions, or more information

Citizens for Mental Health & Public Safety

PO Box 4055

Ann Arbor, MI 48106-4055

Tel: 734-663-4849

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