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Comparison of Mental Health and Climate Change Proposed Actions

The tables below present information about how a portion of the funds from the County Mental Health and Public Safety Millage should be spent.

The language of the proposals is taken directly from the original proposals (see the footnotes for sources) with a few edits for clarity and conciseness, while the information in the columns “Target Population” and “Funding Recipients” was constructed by members of CMHPS based on the cited sources and the logic of the proposals. 

The decision of how the funds should be spent is, in fact, a set of decisions at the program proposal level. The options in the mental health area were developed by an advisory committee with a countywide focus. Many of us will likely feel that Ann Arbor citizens would benefit more from some program areas rather than others.  Some individuals may favor devoting funds to a mix of mental health and climate change programs rather than choosing options from only one or the other. We urge public officials and citizens to review carefully the information in the tables to make well-informed decisions.

Mental Health Proposed Actions

Scroll down for climate change proposed actions

Source — “Community Mental Health Advisory Committee Recommendations,” June 26, 2018, amended by the Community Mental Health Board, July 20, 2018.

Climate Change Proposed Actions

Sources — The three primary priorities/headings are from the Resolution passed by the Ann Arbor City Council on September 18, 2017.  The details within these categories are from “County Public Safety/Community Mental Health Millage — Climate Action Funding,” September 6, 2017 and “The Ann Arbor Climate Proposal,” 2017.  Readers may also wish to look at the proposed plan for converting Ann Arbor City Operations to clean and renewable energy presented by the City Administrator on 9/11/18.

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