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January - March 2019

City of Ann Arbor Survey

Citizens gave a higher percent to mental health services than any other service when asked in a recent City of Ann Arbor Survey how they would allocate the funds assigned to the City from the County Mental Health and Public Safety Millage. This result is consistent with other data that show improving mental health services was a major motivation for support of the County Millage and was a major expectation after passage of the ballot proposal.

The City of Ann Arbor, at the request of the City Council, conducted the survey of randomly selected citizens to gain a better understanding of their preferences for how the millage funds allocated to Ann Arbor should be used. The survey was authorized by the City Council on November 19, 2018, and distributed by mail in late January 2019. Those invited to participate had to respond no later than March 15, 2019, for their answers to be included. The City issued its report of results on March 25, 2019.

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