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April 2018

Poll Shows Voters Not Aware of the Climate Action Proposal and Prefer Mental Health

A poll of a random sample of registered voters taken after the election showed voter awareness of, and support for, climate change actions were much weaker than the Council majority of early 2018 stated. Although a majority of Council members in office in 2017 (only 4 of the 8 supporting the intent resolution remain on Council today) indicated prior to the election that they intended to spend 40% of the City’s allocation on climate change actions, 59% of citizens had no awareness of this and an additional 16% were only vaguely aware. Consistent with this lack of awareness at the time of the election, 77% of citizens expected the revenues from the millage would be devoted to mental health and public safety services.

In terms of spending preferences, when given three choices for their #1 priority, 56% chose mental health services, 22% public safety services, 10% climate change actions, and 12% were "not sure".

See the following press release for a more complete report. The poll's questions and detailed results are available here.

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