Who We Are

Citizens for Mental Health and Public Safety (CMHPS) is a group of concerned citizens advocating that the money allocated to the City of Ann Arbor from the November 2017 Mental Health and Public Safety Millage be used for public safety and mental health services for the residents of Ann Arbor. We also urge county officials to adequately fund mental health services.

At Issue

How should the millage revenue allocated to the City of Ann Arbor be spent? What is an appropriate level of funding for mental health services from the general funds of Michigan and Washtenaw County?

Needed Actions

State of Michigan:  Contact Governor Whitmer and your state senator and state representative as soon as possible to urge them to increase spending in the Fiscal Year 2020 budget for mental health services to a more adequate level.  Click here if you would like background information prior to making the contact.  To contact the governor click on Governor Whitmore and then click on “Share Your Opinion”.

Click here to find out who represents you in the State Senate and House of Representatives and to then send a message or call.


Washtenaw County:  Contact your County Commissioner as soon as possible to urge him or her to fund Washtenaw County Community Mental Health (WCCMH) at the level requested by WCCMH in its original budget request.  WCCMH originally asked for up to $4.32 million of county general fund support in its fiscal year 2020 budget.  WCCMH indicated its willingness to adjust this request downward if the State of Michigan allocated more funds than WCCMH assumed.  The Commissioners allocated up to $2.63 million and included the option of reducing this if the State of Michigan allocated more funds than assumed.  The original request from WCCMH equaled only $11.50 per person per year in the county — and thus only 96 cents per person per month.  The reduction of $1.69 million equaled only $4.53 per person per year and thus only 38 cents per person per month.  Tell your commissioner you and most people you know are willing to spend an additional 38 cents per month for better mental health services!  Remind them the important point is that most of us in Washtenaw County value helping people living with mental health issues — and willingly pick up the slack when state and federal officials act miserly.  Our commissioners should not let feelings of “the state should do this” get in the way of doing the right thing.  Click here for information on who is your commissioner and how to contact him or her.

The Latest
State and County Officials Debating Funding

The Governor and Legislators are in the final stages of forming and adopting a budget for mental health services for next year.  They will make their decisions in the context of setting the overall state budget.  County officials are making contingent decisions that will likely be modified when they know funding levels from state sources.  We are in a critical time.  Please see “Needed Actions” on this home page for more information.

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